Friday, January 30, 2009

Open BlueDragon 1.0.1 Released

Subject says it all--Open BlueDragon 1.0.1 has been released! this is mostly a maintenance release but we did manage to sneak a few new things in there:

  • ArrayIsDefined() - function to tell you whether or not an element of an array is defined. Doesn't blow up if you go beyond the number of elements in the array though. ;-)

  • ArrayTrim() - resizes an array, eliminating elements beyond the size specified.

  • HtmlGetPrintableText() - strips all the HTML tags from a string in one quick function.

  • <cffeed action="create"> - creates an RSS or ATOM feed. The ability to read feeds will be in the next release. Documentation on the wiki coming soon.

More exciting stuff coming soon, and as always since OpenBD is completely open source you can check out our wiki, roadmap, discussion group, and issue tracker for more info.

And if you haven't looked at OpenBD yet, you might not know about all the great functionality already in the engine. Amazon Web Services integration, memcached integration, OnMIssingMethod() support, flexible granular caching functionality ... the list goes on, so check all the release notes for the entire list.


Wow, that's a pretty nice list of features, for a maintenance release. Congrats, and keep it up, OpenBD team. You've *almost* convinced me to dump Adobe's CF engine entirely at this point...

Sounds interesting. Just curious why HtmlGetPrintableText() was chosen instead of something simpler like StripHTML() or StripTags()

@Tony--it's pretty common in APIs to name them with what they're dealing with at the beginning of the function so in case we add additional HTML-related functionality in the future, all those functions are grouped together. For example everything that deals with arrays starts with Array...(), so if we do something else with HTML in the future you'd have HtmlGetPrintableText(), HtmlGetHyperlinks() (just making that up of course), etc.

Makes sense, with the exception of NewArray()... :P

@Tony--heh, good point. I'm a bit curious why that's in there as well. OpenBD of course supports ArrayNew() too.

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