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Representing Open BlueDragon on the CFML Advisory Committee

I'm very honored to announce that I will be representing Open BlueDragon on the CFML Advisory Committee. I'm joining the ranks of a lot of very smart, passionate people so I'm humbled to be a part of what I truly believe is a new phase in the life of CFML.
The CFML Advisory Committee is doing the difficult but very important work of defining CFML as a language, specifically what will be considered core to the language, "extended" core features, and vendor-specific extensions to CFML. This is critical in order to define what will be expected as the base level of consistency in any CFML engine. The information generated by the committee will be a great way for developers to see what features exist in the three major engines, as well as what considerations they might have if they're moving code from one engine to another.
Beyond the practical aspects, however, I think the committee is serving an even more important role of formalizing CFML as a languag…

CFVIDEOPLAYER Added to Open BlueDragon

Quick note to spread the word that CFVIDEOPLAYER is in the latest nightly build of Open BlueDragon. You can read more in the official announcement. Tip of the hat to Railo for first introducing this.
Now on a personal note, yes, many will remember my rants against CFVIDEO-type functionality (which reminds me ... publishing that lost episode of ColdFusion Weekly where I go a bit nuts on the idea might still be fun ...), but honestly I've warmed to the idea, especially on the presentation end of things. Being able to easily (and I mean easily) create video playlists is, I now have to admit, very cool, and moreover it's right up CFML's alley.
The CFVIDEOPLAYER functionality uses FlowPlayer, which is a really slick open source (GPLv3) video player. It has modular plugins, supports streaming, is imminently scriptable, and has a published API for extending the player. This bodes well for adding even more functionality to this feature in the future.
This is what I love abou…

Open BlueDragon + Railo + ColdFusion on Tomcat

As a corollary to Sean's post about running Railo, OpenBD, and ColdFusion on JRun, I thought I'd outline my preferred development environment these days, which is to run all the necessary CFML engines on Apache Tomcat. Note that this approach will work equally well on Jetty, JBoss, GlassFish, or more or less any servlet container or JEE server you choose.Great minds think alike because coincidentally enough, Dave Shuck also has just published two blog posts (part 1, part 2) about setting up a similar environment. I figure I'll throw mine out there as well because the more information available the better.So why not use JRun? Well, aside from the fact that JRun is getting very long in the tooth at this point, personally (and you'll probably hear me say this in a couple of conference presentations this year), I think the ColdFusion model stands Java on its head a bit, particularly when you do a standalone install of ColdFusion. Yes, it makes it easy to install an…