Friday, February 6, 2009

Representing Open BlueDragon on the CFML Advisory Committee

I'm very honored to announce that I will be representing Open BlueDragon on the CFML Advisory Committee. I'm joining the ranks of a lot of very smart, passionate people so I'm humbled to be a part of what I truly believe is a new phase in the life of CFML.

The CFML Advisory Committee is doing the difficult but very important work of defining CFML as a language, specifically what will be considered core to the language, "extended" core features, and vendor-specific extensions to CFML. This is critical in order to define what will be expected as the base level of consistency in any CFML engine. The information generated by the committee will be a great way for developers to see what features exist in the three major engines, as well as what considerations they might have if they're moving code from one engine to another.

Beyond the practical aspects, however, I think the committee is serving an even more important role of formalizing CFML as a language independent of any specific implementation in a particular product. I believe this is crucial for the long-term health of CFML as a language, and in my opinion will help create a healthy ecosystem around all the CFML engines. This is great for all of us who are passionate about CFML and will help CFML to grow.

I want to thank all the members of the committee for asking me to be a part of this important effort. If you have ideas about where you'd like to see the CFML language go, I'm all ears!



Good to see you in the team.

Congrats! :)

Hip Hip Hurray!

Hey Matt,

Congratulations - this is really excellent news!

Good to see that OBD will have some real input on the future of CFML.

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