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CFDOCUMENT (Re)Added to Open BlueDragon

When the J2EE Edition of BlueDragon was open sourced as Open BlueDragon, one of the things that had to be removed was CFDOCUMENT. This is because BlueDragon uses a commercial library for CFDOCUMENT functionality which of course meant that piece of things couldn't be included in Open BlueDragon.We've been looking at and discussing various Java document libraries for a while, and I'm happy to report that an initial implementation of CFDOCUMENT is in the nightly builds of Open BlueDragon. Specifially we're using the xhtmlrenderer library (also known under the very cool "Flying Saucer Project" moniker), and it offers some fantastic functionality (great pagination support is just one item ...) as you can read on their site or in the OpenBD blog post.Note that since this is an initial drop of this functionality into OpenBD there are currently some limitations, most notably CFDOCUMENTITEM and CFDOCUMENTSECTION, but these will be added soon.Even as it stand…