Friday, April 24, 2009

Open BlueDragon on Google App Engine - First Public Drop Available

In case you're not on the Open BlueDragon mailing list (why not? ;-), I wanted to let people know that the initial version of OpenBD for Google App Engine (zip file) is now available. Make sure and read the README included in the zip for details. We'd greatly appreciate people helping us test out all this great new functionality!



That's fantastic news! Were they able to get cfmail and cfhttp working like they discussed on the list?

Is there a tutorial coming? I think there are a lot of people who would like to try this out that might need a small helping hand.

Rick: no, CFMAIL and CFHTTP aren't working yet. Following the open source philosphy of "release early, release often" this is only the first of many releases. Look for CFMAIL and CFHTTP support in a future release.

Yep Rick--I'll be going through a fresh setup of all this stuff myself so I'll try to do a tutorial of some sort as I do that.

Matt, it looks like that URL is longer valid, and the base url just points to a JSP test page. Is there anywhere else to grab that zip file?

Thanks Dave--it's always available on the OpenBD web site's download page:

Fresh builds are created nightly.

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