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Welcoming Peter Farrell to the CFML Advisory Committee

I'm very pleased to let people know that Peter Farrell has been added as a community representative to the CFML Advisory Committee. WIth Sean's move to Railo there were two representatives from Railo on the committee, so Gert Franz stepped down from the committee which left spot for another member from the community to join.
With many great possible additions this was a hard decision to make, but Peter has been bugging all the CFML engine vendors a lot already with language additions so we knew he was interested. ;-) Also, given his position as the lead developer on the Mach-II project, he's neck-deep in CFML and compatibility on the various engines so I have a feeling we're going to get a lot of great feedback and ideas from him.
Welcome Peter! The committee is looking forward to your insight as we shape CFML.

Help Shape the Future of CFSCRIPT

The CFML Advisory Committee is finishing up our discussion of the CFSCRIPT specification for CFML 2009, and we ran into a few cases in which none of the many potential directions in which to take things really made great sense. So rather than make decisions in a vacuum, we'd like to hear from CFML users to see what you think. Most of the tag-to-script conversions were clear cut but on the few that aren't we'd love your feedback.
Rather than repeat everything here I'll point you to Sean's blog entry since he covered it so thoroughly, and while you can certainly comment here it's probably better if you comment on Sean's blog so everything is centralized.