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The CFPOI Project: CFSPREADSHEET (and Eventually More!) for Any CFML Engine

When I first heard about the addition of CFSPREADSHEET to ColdFusion 9 and confirmed my suspicion that it was based on the Apache POI Project, I decided to do a little work to see what would be involved with creating a CFSPREADSHEET solution that would not only work on any CFML engine (Open BlueDragon, Railo, or Adobe CF 6.1, 7, and 8), but one that would also offer more flexibility in terms of the code syntax, and would expose parts of the POI functionality that aren't available in CF 9.Like so many seemingly little experiments this turned into a project with a life of its own, namely the CFPOI Project that is available now on Google Code, and there is also a related group/mailing list for the project on Google Groups. I looked around at some of the other CFML-based wrappers people had come up with, but partially because they were dated or incomplete, and partially just because I wanted to tackle this on my own to dig into POI, I started from scratch.What I wound up wit…