Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flex Architect Position Available

Contact Doug Pajak (doug@alternateroute.net) for more information.

This Role requires expertise in Flash/Flex Development. This position will work closely with Product Managers, Designers, User Experience and Creative Teams to deliver hot, cutting edge web and client based applications and affiliated presentation components.

For this role we require the following:

1. Minimum of 3+ years of Flash/Flex Development working on Major Flash RIA
2. Strong command of ActionScript 3.0 and OOP
3. Experience working with Flash Apps that use XML and Server Side Technologies (including an understanding of XSD/DTD for validation.
4. Understanding of Flash Memory Management
5. Solid understanding of Web Browsers
6. Ability to mentor and coach others in Flash/Flex

We would like to see a portfolio, or some other way to show us your work.
This role will be very visible and you can be assured that you will be working on projects that are substantial.

Our client is extremely well-known and offers a truly fun and casual work environment. You'll be in a team of highly talented and creative developers.

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