Saturday, September 26, 2009

Richard Stallman is Not the Bad Guy | Boycott Novell

“Value your freedom or you will lose it, teaches history. “Don’t bother us with politics,” respond those who don’t want to learn.”

–Richard Stallman

What the so-called "pragmatists" of the free software movement forget is that there wouldn't be a free software movement without Richard Stallman, or at best we'd have a weak, watered-down version of the free software ecosystem from which we all benefit.

Furthermore, the Free Software Foundation tirelessly fights the free software fight, and purists and pragmatists alike benefit from that. There is no equivalent organization on the pragmatist side of this argument, so the pragmatists are attempting to vilify Stallman when what they should be doing is thanking him.

People on the "open source" side of the fence need to put up or shut up. Once they have an organization that fights against proprietary software with the same passion and effectiveness as the FSF, maybe I'll listen. Until then they're giving an inch while proprietary software takes a mile.

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