Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who thought OCaml was dead ?!


I’m writing this post because I want to thank and encourage the OCaml community. Indeed, there are many really *great* news this week that you may have seen if you read either Planet OCaml(Core), the Caml mailing list or both.

OCaml and Debian — The first one is a very good one for making OCaml more popular, more easy to install, etc : The OCaml 3.11 Debian package is now in Debian’s official testing repository ! Yeah ! I really congratulate the debian-ocaml maintainer team for the huge work. Considering nearly all installations of Debian stable are for server-like usages, having the package in testing make it easier to install OCaml and get it installed and configured in two seconds for all desktop users of Debian (and Debian-based distributions). Indeed, everything will be done with a single root command :


# aptitude install ocaml

That’s all.

OCaml Batteries IncludedOCaml Batteries Included Beta 1 is out ! If you still don’t know about it, you should quickly go on its website on OCamlCore, download it and install it and then read the documentation for an introduction and a reference manual of Batteries. You can also take the ocaml-batteries-included package on Debian’s unstable repos.
The Beta 1 is already having its first feedbacks and already provide a huge amount of necessary modules and functions, with some syntax extensions and tools for making programming with Batteries the easier possible ! OCaml was criticized because of its standard library, lacking of many additional stuffs that are in Haskell’s SL. Now, it’s over. Batteries is easy to install, easy to use and provide a great new-standard-library. Come on, test it and give some feedback.

Cheers guys !

BTW, the French government still ignores problem related to the reforms about Universities and Research. They’re killing the whole University concept and system and still ignoring that great Researchers are working for a really bad salary, in bad conditions even if they’ve studied 8 years long at least and that there are people paid much more than what Researchers are, for much easier and cool works… Strikes goes on, we must save our Universities !

In case you thought death rumors were unique to CFML. ;-)

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