Thursday, October 8, 2009

GlassFish's Record-Setting September Suggests a 'Breakout' |

GlassFish has just recorded a record-setting September in terms of downloads, registrations, and admin pings. The GlassFish downloads graph is indicative of a "breakout" for GlassFish within the application server market sphere.

I'm still a big Tomcat fan myself, but have others made the switch from Tomcat to Glassfish (or use both)? Any big advantage to Glassfish if I don't need the full JEE bits?

I wonder also if this includes downloads of Glassfish with NetBeans. Since it's the default servlet container with the full version of NetBeans that could skew the numbers a bit.

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Anonymous said...

If you add Tomcat to the Google Trends link that they reference, Tomcat still out-does them all. Jetty is right where Glassfish is, and Resin is about the same as Jboss. All told, Tomcat is still the undisputed leader as far as popularity.