Friday, October 2, 2009

Installing Adobe Flash Player on 64-Bit Ubuntu 9.04

While I'll believe the "Furthering Adobe's commitment to the Linux community" bit when I can share my Linux desktop in Connect (ahem), it's nice that there's a native 64-bit Flash Player for Linux. Since I recently got a 64-bit system76 Serval Professional laptop I figured I'd try it out. The Serval comes with Flash pre-installed but I believe it's the 32-bit plugin running through nswrapper.

Nice that the 64-bit Flash Player is available, but not so nice is the amount of time I spent getting it working, so I hope this helps others.

  1. Download Flash Player 10 pre-release from Adobe Labs

  2. Unzip the file

  3. Copy to either /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins or ~/.mozilla/plugins


Step 4 is the most important step, since for me anyway simply restarting Firefox didn't do the trick. Every time I'd restart Firefox and hit a URL with Flash content the browser would instantly crash. Rebooting entirely did the trick for me.

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