Friday, October 2, 2009

Java is dead, but you'll learn to love it - Chas Emerick - Muck and Brass

The upshot of all this is that it's more likely than not that over the course of the coming years, your life (and quite likely your professional life as well, if you're involved in software) will come to rely upon Java, the JVM behind it, and many different other language stacks built on one or both of those technologies.

Another argument that Java the language is dead, but Java the platform is as vital as ever. Where CFML is concerned I personally find the lack of true understanding (and in some cases even awareness) of the JVM as the platform on which CFML runs (or the .NET platform in the case of BlueDragon .NET) to be problematic. So many CFML problems become so much more understandable and solvable when we think of CFML engines as what they really are: Java web applications. Things like tuning your JVM settings are seen as a black art in the CFML world and they shouldn't be: that's stuff that may be vital to the success of your application. If you continue to ignore it you're doing yourself and your users a huge disservice.

If you're a CFML developer and you still haven't even experimented with running your CFML engine as a WAR on a standard Java servlet container, I strongly encourage you to do so. It'll open your eyes and you'll learn a lot in the process.


Jason Haritou said...

I think one of the many benefits of using Railo/BD over Adobe CF is that there isn't a click-click-click-done installer.You have to interact (or at least be aware of) the JVM for installation of the CF engine. Even if you would never install Railo/BD for production purposes, I would highly recommend you install them simply for a learning experience.

Matthew Woodward said...

Actually there now is a click-click-click-done installer for OpenBD on Linux and Windows. ;-)But I do agree that if you have to get your hands a bit dirty (and it really is just a bit dirty) configuring things by hand, even for educational purposes (as you point out) it's WELL worth the effort.