Thursday, October 1, 2009

Open College Textbook Act of 2009

    Congress finds the following:

      (1) The growth of the Internet has enabled the creation and sharing of open content, including open educational resources.

        (2) The President has proposed a new, significant Federal investment in the creation of online open-source courses for community colleges that will make learning more accessible, adaptable, and affordable for students.

Really interesting stuff and very nice to see the government thinking a bit outside the box in terms of what "open source" really means. Openness is important for far more than software.


cf_sarahk said...

Would be really interesting to see...also, adds more questions to haves vs. have-nots in term of digital divide. Internet at the public library still seems to be in half-hour increments.

Matthew Woodward said...

That's a great point. I get really ill when I see municipal wi-fi projects getting killed. I asked Tim O'Reilly about the digital divide when he was giving a talk in DC, and his response (in brief) was "it doesn't exist," saying something about how people in India are willing to spend a huge percentage of their salary for a cell phone. I think he missed my point. ;-)Given how vital the Internet has become, having free, ubiquitous Internet access is something I hope we'll see pushed much harder very quickly. The Internet is important enough now that everyone deserves access to it.