Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OpenBlueDragon releases 1.2

This release has a few notable extras:

  • Plugin Interface overhauled enabling full SpreadSheet support

  • Full Nirvanix Cloud Files Support

  • Core Amazon SQS Support Functions

  • Updated Amazon SimpleDB support for their query language

  • Java 6 support

  • Query Slow Log Monitoring

  • +tons of smaller bug fixes

Great stuff in 1.2, and we're settling into a nice 6-month release cycle, but of course you get the latest stuff in your hot little hands every night with our nightly builds.

Make sure and check out the release notes for all the details on this release!


Craig Kaminsky said...

Matt, I realize that this is probably a stupid question but I downloaded and am playing with the Ubuntu VM from your BFusion talk and was wondering if updating OpenBD on the VM is as simple as dropping in the new WAR? Thanks!

Matthew Woodward said...

Yep, if you keep the name the same (openbd.war) then it will redeploy and nuke what you already have in that context path, but it really is as simple as dropping in the new WAR. If you want to retain stuff you have in the existing openbd context just name the new war something else (openbd2.war for example) and then you'll get the new version in a new context path. And of course Tomcat has to be running for the auto-deploy to happen.

Craig Kaminsky said...

Awesome! Thank you, Matt. Fortunately, I just setup the VM Sunday night, so I don't have anything in the existing OpenBD context I'd need to keep ... nuking the previous version is perfect!

Matthew Woodward said...

Cool--let me know if you run into any issues with that VM. I should have stuck a zip file in there with the username/password and some other notes but I'd have to re-upload the 3GB file, so I'll probably leave it as is and let people hit me up for help as needed.

Craig Kaminsky said...

Honestly, Matt, it couldn't have been easier. I already use VirtualBox, so I literally just imported the new one and was off to the races. Plus, floss/floss is pretty easy to remember :)!

Peter J. Farrell said...

I also wanted to mention that Open BD made several internal improvements like moving from StringBuffer to StringBuilder and switched to using HashMap instead of HashTable. On some of my applications, I saw up to a 20% improvement on framework (Mach-II) load times.Matt, they used my quote at the bottom! Yippy!

Matthew Woodward said...

Yep--good points Peter, and thanks for digging around in the code and helping us out! Great quote as well. ;-)