Saturday, October 10, 2009

Poll Result: Eclipse and NetBeans Are the Most Used IDEs |

This past week's poll suggests that Eclipse and NetBeans lead the way among IDEs, and are about equally popular. A total of 528 votes were cast. The exact question and results were:

Which IDE do you use?

  • 39% (207 votes) - NetBeans

  • 41% (216 votes) - Eclipse

  • 8% (42 votes) - Another IDE

  • 7% (38 votes) - Multiple of the above

  • 4% (21 votes) - I use a text editor

  • 1% (4 votes) - Other

The results suggest that NetBeans and Eclipse share a predominate position among IDEs, and are used by at least 80% of Java developers.

What's surprising to me about these numbers is the percentage of people using NetBeans--I wouldn't have guessed it would have been so high. I've been using NetBeans for Grails development and it's definitely more lightweight than Eclipse, but overall it's not as polished in my opinion. The Grails functionality is NetBeans beats Eclipse hands-down, however.

Now if only there were a CFML plugin for NetBeans. Ah, the things I could accomplish if I had unlimited time ...

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Anonymous said...

When I read your headline, I thought it meant among all developers, not just Java. Now, THAT would be something! ;)