Monday, October 5, 2009

Screen Sharing with Adobe Connect on Linux

One of my final annoyances as a full-time Linux user is the inability to share my desktop when I'm in Adobe Connect sessions. (Aside: you CAN do screen sharing from Linux quite well with Yugma. Free conference call line too.)

Although this isn't a real solution for screen sharing on Linux, it at least gets you there without having to use a completely different machine. These steps are for Ubuntu 9.04 but I'm assuming most of the other distros have VNC built in as well.

  1. Launch a Windows VM and install TightVNC
  2. Enable desktop sharing on Ubuntu (System -> Preferences -> Remote Desktop)
  3. Using the IP address or hostname that is displayed in the desktop sharing dialog once things are enabled, connect to your Ubuntu host using TightVNC from the Windows VM.
  4. From an Adobe Connect room, click "Share My Desktop" and select TightVNC as the application you want to share

I know, I know, people were probably groaning with step 1, but compared to having to switch completely over to my Mac just to share my desktop in a Connect meeting this is a better solution. I figured it would work but didn't get around to trying it until today. You may have some resolution issues to contend with but it gets you there.

I'd love to see Adobe actually enable screen sharing in Connect from Linux, but I'm not holding my breath.


stevenerat said...

About 4 years ago I blogged about how to use Crossover Office to run Windows apps on Linux. Connect, previously Breeze, ran fine even as a presenter in MSIE 6 on Fedora (newer versions of MSIE were not available at the time). Don't know if its still possible, but worth consideration.

Matthew Woodward said...

Interesting--I wouldn't have thought to try that. Guess I just assumed there was no way it would work! Probably worth a shot. Thanks!