Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sequoia To Publish Source Code For Voting Machines

"Voting machine maker Sequoia announced on Tuesday that they plan to release the source code for their new optical-scan voting machine. The source code will be released in November for public review. The company claims the announcement is unrelated to the recent release of the source code for a prototype voting machine by the Open Source Digital Voting Foundation. According to a VP quoted in the press release, 'Security through obfuscation and secrecy is not security.'"

Not that I care about Diebold, er, Sequoia releasing their source code because if anything ever needed a ground-up grassroots effort it's voting machine software, but has this been a great week for FLOSS FUD killing or what?

First we get the White House moving to Drupal, then we have the Department of Defense stating they prefer open source because it's more flexible and secure, and now this. Very cool.

Personally I think this is a pre-emptive PR move on Diebold/Sequoia's part because of the previous announcement by the Open Source Digital Voting Foundation, so it remains to be seen if they ever actually open source the code. All they say is they have "plans to" do so.

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