Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SpringOne2GX - Day 1 Keynote

Brain dump of the SpringOne2GX day 1 keynote featuring Rod Johnson, Graeme Rocher, and others.

  • Major tenets of SpringSource
    • simplification
    • community
    • innovation
  • simplification
    • amount of code in Spring apps has decreased over time as the amount of code in Spring itself has increased
    • framework does more so you do less
    • nice chart showing number of lines of code in Spring sample apps over time
  • community
    • large--Gartner estimates at about 3 million developers
    • traits of community: passionate, highly skilled, think for themselves
    • get involved!
      • ask/answer questions on mailing list and forums
      • submit features and bugs to JIRA
      • participate in events (UGs, meetups, etc.)
      • start a UG or meetup in your area if there isn't one
      • contribute code
        • doesn't necessarily have to be core code--extensions, tests, plugins, etc.
  • innovation
    • everything can be improved
    • always new challenges to overcome

Spring 3.0

  • simplify configuration
  • MVC improvements
  • REST support built in
  • support for JSR-330 (DI via annotations)
  • Spring Integration -- demo
    • concept: "have Spring all the way down in your stack"


  • all about productivity
  • integration all done for you
  • more prescriptive
    • while Spring is about choice, that means more configuration
    • Grails takes away some choice, but the trade-off is increased productivity
  • Groovy/Grails state of the nation
    • huge growth in recent months--150% increase in traffic to web sites
    • Groovy 1.7 and Grails 1.2 released coming soon
    • big performance improvements in Grails 1.2
    • plugin ecosystem very healthy
      • 25 million lines of user contributed code in 300+ plugins
      • cool stuff going on with alternative persistence mechanisms (e.g. CouchDB), RIAs, etc.
      • iPhone ads: "there's an app for that" -- Grails: "there's a plugin for that"
    • Challenges
      • IDE support--gets much better with newest SpringSource Tool Suite (STS)
      • hosting/cloud -- need better support, easier deployment

Lifecycle and Tools

  • Build -> Run -> Deploy
  • tc Server developer edition -- free download
    • really nice dashboard with performance and health insight
  • Spring Insight Dashboard demo
    • real-time performance graph
    • huge amount of detail you can drill into by clicking on a request
    • links back to STS--takes you right to the relevant spot in the code
    • app health screen tracks performance by component over time
      • uses 99th percentile so you're focused on what most users are experiencing
  • SpringSource Tool Suite
    • Eclipse based
    • single download for everything, including tc server

Keys to Future

  • developers
  • simplification
  • innovation
  • community
  • SpringSource + VMWare
    • VMWare committed to community and open source
    • VMWare serious about middleware

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