Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Verizon executive confirms Pre in January 2010 | PreCentral.net

The Pre on Verizon, yes or no? TheStreet.com says no, analysts say yes. Palm isn’t saying anything, except for “more carriers.” So that leaves Verizon as the only interested party that hasn’t spoken up. Well, now they have, with Jim Gerace, Executive Director of Media Relations at Verizon, telling E-Commerce Times that Big Red will indeed have the Pre next year, and in January at that.

Hopefully it's for real this time! Given their about-face on the control over the application front I can't wait for January.

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probertson said...

Here, here! I chuckled at the irony that last week Verizon said they wouldn't get the Pre, and this week Adobe shows Flash Player on the Pre (looking better than on any of the other devices, in my opinion). Somehow I'm not surprised by Verizon's about-face.