Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy Weekend for Open BlueDragon! New Documentation Site and More New Tags and Functions

More new tags and functions have been added to OpenBD and a brand-new CFML documentation site has been released! You can read more about the very cool new documentation site on the OpenBD blog and Alan Williamson's blog.

The cool thing about the docs site, other than the fact that it exists of course, is that the documentation is being pulled directly from the OpenBD engine, which means the documentation will always be up-to-date.

Because the documentation is being pulled directly from OpenBD, the docs are also specific to the version of OpenBD that you're running. So this isn't only an external site you can use for reference; the code for the documentation site is bundled with the OpenBD nightly builds already so you can run the documentation app on your own instance of OpenBD.

The documentation app also supports comments so you can add tips, etc. to the public site, but you can also leverage this on an instance you may be running internally at your company. This gives you the ability to have a CFML documentation site with notes that are specific to your team.

Here are the new functions and tags that were added in the last couple of days:

And for those of you who aren't aware, you can follow OpenBD on Twitter (@OpenBlueDragon) to get notifications of the latest goings-on with OpenBD.


OpenBlueDragon said...

Oooh good call Matt, you accidentally listed the two tags as functions, but i thought, hey why not, so I just added the htmlHead/htmlBody functions that supports the same functionality as the tags.

Matthew Woodward said...

Nice! A typo on my part leads to new functions. ;-) I updated this post accordingly.