Thursday, November 26, 2009

CFJS - Server side Javascript available for playing

As promised, I have packaged up the new javascript plugin for use with OpenBD and you can now download and start playing.

I am personally very excited about this step forward. I always believed that CFML is the best web scripting language out there on the market and when people see how easy it is to do certain things, they are hooked. Coupled with the fact CFML has broken free of it available-only-as-a-commercial-product ties there is a whole new wave of people checking the power out.

So mixing Javascript in as a first-class language to this platform creates a very powerful tool to which non-CFML developers can now crank out dynamic websites without needing to learn a single line of CFML.

The CFJS plugin for OpenBD is now available for you to try! Can't wait to hear what people think about this addition.

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