Saturday, November 21, 2009

CFML on the Google App Engine with Open BlueDragon | Progressive Overload

There is just no reason that we as cfml developers shouldn't be churning out app after app on this platform.

Amen to that! Great post about running CFML apps on OpenBD for GAE.

Peter Farrell made a small change to Mach-II 1.8 based on a suggestion by Dave Shuck that allows Mach-II to run on GAE, and the nice thing is it's a huge performance improvement in one specific area of the framework from which all Mach-II users will benefit.

Very exciting stuff.


Doron Katz said...

I am concerned with GAE's database (value-pair) performance and reliability though, after reading a few blogs. What's your take on that

Matthew Woodward said...

I haven't used it enough personally to say one way or another, but I've heard good things about it mixed amongst the bad stuff you probably saw. I think in some ways the app engine stuff is all still kind of "beta" but they seem to be getting the kinks worked out. If I ever get time, now that Mach-II will run on GAE I'd love to add Google DataStore as a database type into MachBlog and test things out more seriously. The fact that you can easily read and write CFCs to the datastore using OpenBD is very slick.

Doron Katz said...

Well that part is great, I love how easy OpenBD and mapping CFC works, but like i said, datastore has a lot of limitations, aggregation things and having to re-work an existing project would be quite a nightmare. A lot of things still dont work, like MXUnit. Definitely a promise and getting CF to work on Google's Engine is a good initiative by the open source.

Peter J. Farrell said...

I think that MXUnit is something you'd run on a local development server using J2EE version of OpenBD. I'm not sure if MXUnit compatibility is really required at this point for GAE.As anything with Google, Beta means it will get better. I'm sure in time we'll see major improvements.Cloud computing is a very different paradigm than most of us are used to. A different mindset is going to be required in how we perceive what system resources are available and how it relates to the cloud. It definitely is an interesting time for CFML as a language and I'm glad to see effort to make one of the open source CFML engines run on GAE.