Sunday, November 1, 2009

It’s About Helping Your Users Become Awesome (or: “Being Better is Better” by Kathy Sierra) — Global Nerdy

If we want to create passionate users, we need to help them get better.

  • ‘Nobody’s passionate about things they suck at.”

  • Many people still have their cameras permanently set on “P” – automatic mode — even though those cameras offer finer control over things like shutter speed and aperture

  • What would it mean to our users if we unlock the door and help them be awesome?

This falls right in line with many of the discussions Team Mach-II has been having as we look ahead to the 1.9 and 2.0 releases. If we implement even half of what we have in mind for 2.0 it's going to be awesome and will help our users be more productive than ever before.


marcesher said...

"If we implement even half of what we have in mind". I gotta tell you Matt, this is how we on MXUnit feel all the damn time. It's a tremendously powerful word, that "If". I look forward to the day when contributing more to open source becomes less tension-filled, more frictionless... when the demands of everyday life become a little less so. It's all about making time, isn't it? Cheers, respect, love, and patience to all of us who give our free time to helping other people kick ass.

Matthew Woodward said...

Amen to all of that! It can get daunting sometimes but we keep dreaming big and don't worry too much if we fall short of our ultimate goals. Beats not thinking big enough, that's for sure.

Peter J. Farrell said...

I'd rather thing big and meet half the stated goals (as long as they are the important ones) than think small and only just meet those goals. Innovation only happens when you think big otherwise you just do enough to get by. Kudos to those who are involved in open source.