Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dave Shuck Relaunches hikethecanyon.org on OpenBD for GAE

Around a year or so ago, I inadvertently took hikethecanyon.org offline in a server move.  Considering that it is a very low traffic site that is little more than a scrapbook of hiking pictures and descriptions, there is no active user community to send me nasty messages begging for me to bring it back online.  Finally this past weekend, I spent a bit of time and revived the code base off an old server, moved all the images out to Amazon S3 and brought the site up running under OpenBlueDragon on the Google App Engine.

Another site goes live on OpenBD for Google App Engine--I think we'll be seeing more and more sites like this on OpenBD for GAE as CFML developers discover just how easy it is to leverage their CFML skills and still be able to take advantage of Google App Engine.

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