Thursday, December 3, 2009

eMusic's Best Albums of the Decade

Summing up a decade in 100 albums is a terrifying task. How do you determine which albums make the cut? Do you choose the albums that were the greatest game-changers? Or do you go with the albums that had the deepest personal resonance? Is it about global or individual importance? And which records are most emblematic of our age — an era equally fraught with paranoia, despair, optimism and joy?

Some really awesome stuff in this list, and I'm glad they threw this together because I would have missed some of these releases otherwise.

I disagree with some of the choices, though if I take my own likes/dislikes out of the picture I can perhaps see why they'd make the cut. Pretty monumental task to even come up with this list so in general I think they did pretty well.

#2 should have been #1 though. ;-)


Charlie Griefer said...

The only artist I know on that list is Dylan. Excuse me while I change into a pair of bermuda shorts and dress socks/sandals. If I had a front lawn, I'd be yelling at the damn kids to get off of it.

Matthew Woodward said...

Heh--I feel the same way these days. I do know most of the artists on the list, but it could well be that I'm the old guy that the damn kids think is making a lame attempt to be cool by listening to their music.