Friday, December 4, 2009

OpenDNS Blog » Some thoughts on Google DNS

Google launched a DNS service today, almost exactly four years after I started OpenDNS. This comes as no surprise as it was only a matter of time before one of the Internet giants realized the strategic importance of DNS. I’ve received a lot of questions from bloggers, journalists, friends and most importantly, our users. And so I want to share my thoughts on what this means for the recursive DNS space and what it means for OpenDNS.

Must read for people contemplating switching from using their ISP's DNS servers to something else (which I STRONGLY encourage) based on Google's recent announcement.

I've been using OpenDNS almost since its inception and I can't say enough good things about it. The blog post I quoted above does a great job of outlining the importance of DNS, some of the crap ISPs can pull with their DNS servers (some great Security Now! podcasts on that topic as well), and why OpenDNS is a great alternative.

DNS is a key part of your Internet experience, and the more control you have over it the better. At a minimum switch away from using your ISP's DNS servers, and I for one strongly encourage you to check out OpenDNS.


Craig Kaminsky said...

Thanks for posting, Matt. I, too, have used OpenDNS for a couple of years now (great experiences with it, too) and was wondering about how Google's DNS would affect them. Cheers!

jamiekrug said...

Big +1 for OpenDNS from me!