Friday, January 8, 2010

Boxee - Boxee Box by D-Link

This looks REALLY intriguing. I read someone's take on it in which they said it has the potential to compete with Apple TV, which made me think either that person doesn't know what they're talking about, or they've never used Apple TV.

I loved my Apple TV for a while, but with the latest software update that was the last straw. I've never seen a product get increasingly worse with each update like Apple TV did, and it's more or less unusable now.

The other difference of course is that Apple TV doesn't let you watch much of anything for free. The whole point of the Boxee Box is to let you watch free Internet content on your TV without having to futz around with a computer and a browser to do so.

This is also the promise of PlayOn (, which once my Moxi arrives I'll be experimenting with.

This is the wave of the future of TV, and paying per-episode for everything like you have to with iTunes and Apple TV is going to go the way of the dinosaur. Cable's probably next to fall.


Matthew Woodward said...

The clip Posterous took wasn't quite what I was after--the Boxee Box info is here:

Anonymous said...

I tried the previous version on my windows box, and the interface is kinda "clunky" and needs some work but the streaming worked fine. I was watching CBS shows since not on I downloaded this version and the interface is flashier but still needs work and it took a step back in usability. I couldn't find CBS or an exit button :-)

Anonymous said...

I read about Boxee in this NY Times article, Cable Freedom The wireless mouse, the Loop, seems neat.