Friday, April 30, 2010

New URLs for Mach-II Trac and SVN, Plus a New Blog

The Mach-II Trac and SVN infrastructure has been moved to a new account at Codesion (formerly CVSDude), so please update any bookmarks you may have accordingly:
We have also moved the Mach-II blog to Posterous. If you haven't tried Posterous it's an amazingly powerful, easy-to-use blogging platform with fantastic features and excellent integration with social networking sites The new URLs for the Mach-II blog are:
The other great thing about Posterous is it easily allows anyone to post to the Mach-II blog. We'll have to more to say about that in the future, but this opens the door to our fantastic community to be able to share tips and tricks right on the Mach-II blog.

You can read more about all these changes on the Mach-II Google Group. We're really excited about all the opportunities this creates!

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