Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Twitter Plugin for Open BlueDragon Available on Google Code

Thanks to a couple of people prodding me, I've finally put my Twitter Plugin for Open BlueDragon up on Google Code. The Java source is there as well as a downloadable JAR file, there's an overview of how to install the plugin (short version: drop two JAR files in your classpath and you're done), and I'm updating the usage documentation as quickly as I can. In the mean time if you don't mind peeking at the source code you can see a full list of the functions available on the Twitter object in the cfTwitterData.java file.

As I said in my previous post I'd love some feedback on what the CFTWITTER tag should do. I focused on instantiating a new Twitter object and then calling functions on that because with the huge number of functions available it's a lot less verbose and simply made more sense to me, but I understand the appeal of CFTWITTER as a tag for some of the one-shot things people would want to be able to do. I do have the tag implemented so you can do a couple of things with it (I'll get information in the docs shortly), but as people use the plugin if there is functionality that makes sense to implement as a tag, please let me know.

As always, thanks to everyone who tries this out! Be sure and let me know if you run into problems or would like to see things work differently.

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