Sunday, May 2, 2010

Restoring Tomboy Notes After Upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04

Quick tip since this took me a while to hunt down. If you format and do a clean install of Ubuntu 10.04, you'll of course back up your home directory first, in which case you'll have anything you had in Tomboy available to restore. What took me a bit of time to track down is where the Tomboy notes are stored since they are no longer in ~/.tomboy.

Turns out they're now in /home/YourUserName/.local/share/tomboy So after your upgrade, just shut down Tomboy and restore all the .note files from your backup to this directory and the notes you backed up will appear when you launch Tomboy. I actually had to launch Tomboy twice to get them to show up, but they're there now.

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The Net Duck said...

Hey thanks for this post, I also want to mention though that if your running Tom Boy on a mac that they changed the directory as well. It now stores your notes in ... /Users/<your>/Library/Application\ Support/Tomboy