Monday, May 10, 2010

We're Hiring! (Jobs @ AW2.0)

We've been working hard at aw2.0 to build a strong solid foundation and our future is strong and exciting.  OpenBlueDragon has been a resounding success and coupled with a number of our portfolio companies, we are looking to expand and are looking to recruit both senior and junior roles in the Java and CFML/ColdFusion world.

An opportunity to grow a small dynamic team, you will enjoy the buzz and the excitement within a company that is focused on getting things done the right way.   Proper software engineering principals with no short cuts.  We can't afford short cuts, the projects we work on involve billions of requests per month and terrabytes of data.   If you want to learn and get involved for scale, then we are for you.

Utilising the latest cloud technologies we push the boundaries far and are continually evaluating the latest services and offerings to see how we can maybe deploy these for our clients at a later date.

Our work is exclusively for the equity/venture capital world, supporting portfolio companies.

Location Location Location

We are based in one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland, in the southwest town of Dumfries.  The quality of life is much more laid back with none of the hussle bussle of the city, no rush hour, and no pollution.   The cost of living is significantly reduced compared to the rest of the UK, and you'll find your hard earned money going a lot further here.  But don't worry, you'll find our package worthy of city rates.

With good rail and road links you are never too far away from the rest of the world, and the rest of the world is where we do a lot of travelling.   Opportunities for international travel is available, so make sure your passport is valid!


We are looking for the following roles:

Our recent hires are quoted as saying: "best job I have ever had"

By the way, if you are happy in your current role but you know someone who could fit the bill, then please pass their resume to us, and if we end up hiring them, we'll give you £500 bounty for your trouble!

If you're in Scotland these are fantastic opportunities! Based on my interactions with Alan and Andy on the OpenBD project I can see why their recent hires would say it's the best job they've ever had. And if you're interested into getting into cloud computing in a big way, there's no one more on the frontlines of cloud computing than AW2.0.

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