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Tomcat 7 Released

Apache Tomcat 7.0, the latest version of the popular open source Java Web server, is available Tuesday from the Apache Software Foundation.
The upgrade constitutes the first major release of the project since 2006. To ease Web framework integration, version 7.0 implements the Java Servlet 3.0, JavaServer Pages 2.2 and Expression Language 2.2 specifications.


Big changes are the support of Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2, and EL 2.2, but from what I've read there are lots of nice fixes and performance improvements as well. I'm about to set up two new servers so this is great timing!
Full details at

Has Oracle been a disaster for Sun's open source?

As others have noted, this is a good demonstration of the fact that open source projects are effectively "immortal": provided there is sufficient interest among users, they can always be forked. It should also serve as a reminder to Oracle that they are the guardians of the open source projects formerly managed by Sun, not the owners (well, they own the copyright, but that's not quite the same.) If it fails to move the projects forward in the way that many users would like, it may well be faced with more forks.
The problem is that Oracle is naturally trying to optimise its acquisition of Sun for its own shareholders, but seems to have forgotten that there are other stakeholders too: the larger open source communities that have formed around the code. That may make sense in the short term, but is undoubtedly fatal in the long term: free software cannot continue to grow and thrive without an engaged community.


This is a really insightful analysis by Glyn Moo…

With his vocal cords soaked in whiskey and cheap cigarettes, he moves through stories of small towns and blue collar dreams of getting out one day. Oh and the girl that busted up his heart… she is in there too.

My good friend and former co-worker Brandon Culpepper just started this music blog and it's off to a great start! He has an amazingly deep and broad knowledge of music, not to mention impeccable taste, so this is definitely a blog to follow.
Make sure and follow on Twitter as well @musicmumblr

Cutting Waste by Reforming IT | The White House

While a productivity boom has transformed private sector performance over the past two decades, the federal government has almost entirely missed this transformation and now lags far behind on efficiency and service quality.  We are wasting billions of dollars a year, and more importantly are missing out on the huge productively improvements other sectors have benefited from.
Quite simply, we can’t significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the federal government without fixing IT.

Some rather astounding (albeit not surprising) numbers on some of the horrendously wasteful projects in government IT. I hope this starts a similar movement in the other branches of government, because all told this would make a massive difference in government spending, and that's rather critical right now.
Using free and open source software for all projects where it's feasible would certainly help as well.

The Latest Reason I Hate SQL Server

When is a copy of a database not a copy of a database? When it was made using SQL Server's "copy database" feature, that's when.Having run into this before I should have known better, but I needed to make a copy of a production database for testing purposes. Normally I'd take a backup and restore it to a different database, but I noticed SQL 2005 has a "copy database" function I hadn't seen before. So I figured I'd give it a try. Totally and utterly pointless. It looks like it copies the database until you start looking at all the fields using auto-increment IDs in your old database that magically aren't still auto-increment IDs in the "copy" of the database. Thanks for another worthless feature Microsoft. I only use SQL Server under duress anyway, but why can't they get even such basic things like "copy database" right? Inexcusable.

Slashdot Linux Story | Adobe (Temporarily?) Kills 64-Bit Flash For Linux

"It seems that with the release of the 10.1 security patches, Adobe has, at least temporarily, killed 64-bit Flash for Linux. The statement says: 'The Flash Player 10.1 64-bit Linux beta is closed. We remain committed to delivering 64-bit support in a future release of Flash Player. No further information is available at this time. Please feel free to continue your discussions on the Flash Player 10.1 desktop forums.' The 64-bit forum has been set to read-only."

Very forward-thinking Adobe. Just awesome! You did hear that Google recently announced that their employees can no longer use the one operating system Flash actually works well on, right? You think they'll be the only ones who do that?
Doesn't really matter since Flash is on a death march at this point anyway, but just highlights what nonsense Adobe's latest "one app, any device" marketing crap is.
So long, Flash. Can't say I'll miss you.

Open BlueDragon on Google App Engine - Sample App and Presentation PDF

This is long-delayed after cf.Objective() 2010, but here is a zip of the sample app and the presentation PDF from the presentation Peter and I gave on running CFML applications on Google App Engine. We also gave this presentation at the CFMeetup a couple of weeks ago (you can watch the recording), and are doing it again for the Mid-Michigan CFUG on Tuesday, June 8, at 7 pm Eastern US time. To use the sample app create a new Google App Engine project in Eclipse, then copy the unzipped files into that project.If you need help getting up and running with GAE on Eclipse, check this blog post on the Detroit Area Adobe UG's blog, or check the GAE for Java page. The MMCFUG may also be streaming this meeting live so I'll post again with a URL if that happens.
I didn't add this to the PDF or code before I uploaded them, but both are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Download this file


Open Source Bridge - The Story of Spaz: How to Give Away Everything, Make No Money, and Still Win

Edward Finkler @funkatron

non-technical talk--"why I do what I do"

learned how I define what success and happiness are

Spaz is a personal project -- about 3 years old

twitter client -- "your special twitter friend"

based on original logo people thought he was making fun of mentally retarded people
actually is a picture of clay aiken from early american idol

Early 2007

work started on Spaz
had done a couple of open source PHP libraries in the past
had only done open source for other developers, not for end users
started work in RealBasic on Mac

also the author of LameBrain, wrapper for LAME

started getting interested in twitter API
not many other Mac clients for twitter at the time
article written up in ars technica about it
pownce came along about the same time

came out with desktop client, written in apollo (now AIR)

RealBasic wasn't set up to make it easy to make it look non-standard or skin things
silverlight was also b…

iizip - Hacking Together Your Own Dropbox

Ben Dechran, Sputnik Agency (Australia) works for a marketing agency, lots of photoshop files thrown around file server which works great most of the time unless ... people forget to put the files on the file server people forget to rename a file before putting it on the file server and delete the old file people don't put a file on the file server and go on vacation dropbox nice solution, but has issues works well for small companies, small groups, unconferences, etc. problem #1 -- storage space in our case, needed 3TB of space problem #2 -- need internet connection if connection goes down, you have the files but you lose the sync problem #3 -- dependent upon third party what if they go down? problem #4 -- all or nothing every person replicates everything dropbox supposedly doing selective sync problem #5 -- user management users can't be managed by your company's infrastructure problem #6 - big bad world security and privacy it's encrypted, but you're sending dat…

Open Source Bridge - Relational vs. Non-Relational

Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL Experts Inc. overview focused on choosing what type of database you need vs. investigation of any specific database up until a few years ago there were only a handful of options for open source databases most were sql/relational a few written in java only really exciting thing going on in the relational world is postgres vs mysql today there are many more open source databases as many as 5 dozen now? databases for lots of different purposes, but lots of people want to lump a lot of the new ones under the "nosql movement" label not so fond of this term has implication that every database that doesn't have a sql interface is more or less identical all non-relational databases aren't the same have graph, document, key-value, distributed, hierarchical ... quite different from one another some of the non-relational databases have sql interfaces all relational databases aren't the same either embedded, oltp, mpp, streaming, c-store ... mythbusti…

Open Source Bridge - Thursday Keynote: Mayor Sam Adams on CivicApps

Sam Adams, Mayor of Portland CivicApps for Greater Portland interaction at last year's OSB kicked off regional effort to put Portland in the forefront of open source and open data update on how Portland is leading in the area of open source asked for city government to be an early client of open source work that is happening locally also asked for financial assistance with open source projects civicapps can change the relationship between the government and the people they serve give people new tools to get at what they need greater accountability example: iphone app where people can take pictures of potholes--this gives the photo and the exact coordinates of the pothole submitters get notification when the pothole they reported is fixed idea of government reporting back directly to citizens is huge source of satisfaction now the challenge is to provide this type of customer service on more platforms civicapps has gotten a lot of national attention because it's regional--isn&#…

Open BlueDragon CFML Manual

The release of Open BlueDragon 1.3 not only added some amazing new features, but also marks the initial release of the Open BlueDragon CFML Manual. The intent of the OpenBD Manual is to serve as a handy reference as well as a learning tool, and not only is it available online but it's included in OpenBD itself so it's available wherever OpenBD 1.3 is installed. There's a ton of content in the manual already but it's a work in progress, so keep your eye on the online version (as well as the version in the nightly builds) for updates. If you see any gaps in the manual and want to contribute, let us know!

Open Source Bridge - How Two Fools Made Themselves Indispensible From Their Basement Office

Chris Chiacchierini, Mason Bondi - Oregon College of Oriental Medicine 50 staff, 250 students university originally chose proprietary commercial cms for $15K used for marketing site only one of 5 people in the world using it attended open source conference and learned about open source cmses "holy shit, we just got snowed" chose Joomla! for ease of use didn't want to give up on open source cmses went to library, asked if they'd be interested in putting up a site using oss cms did this all under the radar, wanted to wait until it was too late to go back before anyone knew through this a lot of institutional knowledge is being built, and since people had freedom they were starting to get more creative class materials being put online financial information about student loans lots of people and departments were using the open source cms once it was opened up to the students, it really started to take off two parallel forces going got call while he was on vacation -- mar…

Open Source Bridge - Being a Catalyst in Communities - The scientific facts about the open source way

Karsten Wade, Sr. Community Gardener, Red Hat @quaid FOSS advocate for 10 yearsbeing a catalyst in communities to be the catalyst in communities of customers, contributors, and partners creating better technology the open source way word "in" is important "in" could have been "over," or "of," or "for" ... but none of these work as well because it creates an imbalance "in" suggests everyone being in it together currently have a doctoral candidate in cultural anthropology at Fedora who's helping the project get better learn about Fedora, learn how they do things a lot of people think open source works the same way tom sawyer got his fence whitewashed tom sawyer would rather go down to the swimming hole friends come along, so tom acts like he LOVE painting the fence and his friends start painting the fence for him model actually works a lot differently -- barn raising analogy is better need to do a lot of work before you cal…

Open Source Bridge - The Rise of Hacker Spaces

Leigh Honeywell, Co-Founder, hacklab.towhat's a hacker space? been around for thousands of years under different names hacker spaces is latest incarnation of a community space place to go to use the kinds of tools you might not have at your house also connection with idea of "third space" (not work, not home) instead of hacking alone at home, you hack with others who are either like-minded or have divergent interests like a "permanent hallway" history model railroad clubs, HAM radio clubs, toastmasters, etc. major influences around north america the loft in Boston new hack city in san francisco in europe there's a 25 year history tend to be more political in nature international community around 400 many in germany affiliated with the chaos computer congress publish a quarterly magazine with 4000 subscribers heavily involved with push against biometric ID in germany 2007 - hackers on a plane trip from defcon in las vegas to event in dusseldorf this got peop…

Open Source Bridge - OAuth: an Open Specification for Web Services

John Jawed - jawed@php.nettalk is about oauth at a high level and the problems it tries to solve won't get low-level into the spec, etc. problem - rasmus has private photos on flickr but wants to print them out using kodak's online photo printing service? before oauth: have to give kodak your flickr user name and password too powerful can change passwords, delete photos, delete account e.g. has anyone had to share their twitter u/p with another site to gain access? how about some identifier issued by flickr to kodak? would allow someone else to access your account but only with certain permissions and only for a certain length of time for a few years we've had ... yahoo bbauth google authsub aol openauth windows live id flickr token auth many others equivalent but different model -- drove the creation of oauth the oauth dance kodak sends rasmus to flickr flickr asks rasmus: kodak wants to access your private photos rasmus: sure! flickr gives kodak a token with a secret kod…

Open Source Bridge - Open Source and the Open Social Web

Evan Prodromou, StatusNet Inc. founder wikitravel http://evan.status.netevan@status.net code OSB10 founder statusnet debian freenet mediawiki creative commons Communications Revolutions email ca. 1993 large consumer systems university networks on internet govt systems proprietary systems inside corporations x.400 - itu recommendation, govt mandated ad-hoc bridges bbses (fidonet) ca. 1995 only 18 months later, almost entirely unified around internet email hierarchical addressing - user@domain bbs -> isp aol opens up bbses almost disappeared open source via sendmail was an important catalyst documents ca. 1992 proprietary, complex internal systems some file sharing bbses aol, compuserve some ftp systems ca. 1997 web documents almost ubiquitous hierarchical addressing intranet/internet/extranet http + html open source via apache is an important catalyst personal publishing ca. 2001 "home page" on isp geocities, tripod frontier, blogger rss confusion p…

Open Source Bridge - Transparent, Collaborative, Participatory - Grass Roots Implementation of the Open Government Directive

Mark Frischmuth - founder of Democracy Labs current system yielding polarizing candidates that yell at each other idea was we shouldbe able to use technology to inform citizens to enable better decisions Obama signed open govt directive first day in office data.gov270,000 data sets online hundreds of applications built on top of this data movement towards democratization of data still not as successful in facilitating collaboration Jim ??? 3dna idea: if internet can bring democracy to music, etc. should be able to bring democracy to democracy whitehouse2 -- how would whitehouse be run if it was truly democratic Travis ??? phd in CS at UW computer-human interaction interested in design of platforms for facilitating public communication working with city of seattle cto of flashvolunteer -- neighborhood-centric volunteerism works on opensim platform ??? - Democracy Lab interested in having conversations that are more structure open democracy can dwindle into flame wars pretty quickly val…

Open Source Bridge - Activity Streams, Socialism, and the Future of Open Source

Chris Messina, Google co-founder of Bar Camp involved with Microformats came up with the hashtag Google dataliberation.orgtrying to make it easy for people to move their web data around one of the challenges is figuring out where you can move your data Generative Structures example: rhizome can self-generate from the root structure jonathan zittrain - the future of the internet and how to stop it (book) http://futureoftheinternet.orgdiscusses concerns about the future of data ownership and privacy on the internet Activity Theory 101 promoted by russians from late 19th-century on (vygotsky, leontiev, engestrom) vygostky how to model work to measure outcomes focus on tool mediation -- relationship of single actor to the object of their work scandanavians (engestrom) expanded to include rules, community, roles, culture, social systems can look at very small or very large communities by putting things in relationship to this model we start to see …

Open Source Bridge - The Return of Command-Line Kung Fu

Hal Pomeranz (@Hal_Pomeranz) Independent consultant SANS faculty fellow author, track lead for Sec506:Linux/Unix Security instructor for SANS forensics classes teach a lot of people *nix over the years, see people struggling Windows people aren't happy that all the forensics are done from the Linux command line blogs http://commandlinekungfu.com Simple Output Redirections output one way, errors another two different output streams (stdout, stderr) make >/tmp/build.log 2>/tmp/build.errors getting stderr out of your way strace vi ~/.bashrc 2>/tmp/strace-output output and errors together to the bit bucket make distclean >/dev/null 2>&1 can also use >> to append instead of overwrite Add /dev/tcp/... Goodness command output to network (bash only, disabled in older versions of ubuntu) df >/dev/tcp/"netcat without netcat" useful for offloading data without adding any additional software or a…