Saturday, July 24, 2010

Attend Dallas TechFest for only $25!

Dallas TechFest is a great multi-technology event that's coming up on 7/30. There are tracks on Java, Flex, PHP, .NET, and most importantly CFML, so it's not only a great place to get your CFML fix, but also to engage in some all-too-rare cross-pollination between technologies. (The tech community doesn't do nearly enough of this sort of thing in my opinion.)

The CFML track doesn't have details on the track page unfortunately, but when you check out the speakers page you'll see the following great CFML speakers:

I don't know what the specific topics for some of the speakers are, but I can tell you that I'll be speaking on Building and Deploying CFML on a Free Software Stack, Jeff Lucido is speaking on Open BlueDragon for Google App Engine, and I'm pretty sure Steve Good is speaking on Mura. With this lineup I'm sure all of the CFML topics will be great!

UPDATE: Steve pointed out in the comments a big oversight on my part--you can check the Agenda page to see all the details of all the tracks.

There are also some big names from other technologies at TechFest as well, such asScott Davis (Grails guru extraordinaire), Ted Neward (.NET developer and consultant), Mark Piller (Midnight Coders), and Craig Walls (SpringSource) to name but a few.

Sounds excellent, right? Well, today's your lucky day. If you haven't registered yet there's still time, and there's a big discount to boot! Register now and use the discount code coldfusion to get in for only $25. That's right, a mere $25 for all this geeky goodness.

See you there!


Steve Good said...

It's gonna be awesome!

Steve Good said...

Matt, if you check out the agenda page you can see what is being talked about and who will be presenting.

Matthew Woodward said...

Thanks Steve--I knew I saw that somewhere!

Matthew Woodward said...

If you're looking for Jeff Lucido's presentation on OpenBD for Google App Engine, make sure and take note that it's in the "Mixed" track as opposed to the CFML track.

Matthew Woodward said...

Steve's Mura preso is also in the mixed track, which is AWESOME in my opinion--spread the Mura goodness outside the CFML community!

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