Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CouchDB NoSQL Database Ready for Production Use -

Two major enhancements to CouchDB make it 1.0-worthy, said Chris Anderson, the chief financial officer and a founder of Couchio. One is the fact that performance of the software has been greatly improved. The other is its ability to work on Microsoft Windows machines. A lot of work was also put into stabilization of the software. 
Performance-wise, the new version has demonstrated a 300 percent increase in speed in reads and writes, as judged by internal benchmarking tests done by Couchio. The performance improvements were gained by optimizing the code, Anderson said. 
This is also the first release of CouchDB that can fully run on Windows computers, either the servers or desktops, Anderson said. Previous versions could run on Linux, and there is a version being developed for the Google Android smartphone operating system.

I'm really stoked that I may finally get to use CouchDB on a "real" application soon, so this is great timing. Congrats to the Couchio guys and the fantastic community around CouchDB.

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Mark Drew said...

It sounds awesome! I am starting to really like couchdb now.