Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Open BlueDragon Admin Console Version 1.4 Updates

It's that time again! As many of you know Open BlueDragon is on a regular six-month release cycle, so late October means it's time to certify those great nightly builds as gold, stamp a final version number on it, and immediately get started on the next version.

Along with each new release of OpenBD comes updates to the admin console, which is an open source project of its own, written entirely in CFML. I point that out not only to let you know if there are features you'd like to see in the admin console I'd love to hear about them, and also since it's written in CFML if you want to get involved with the project you're more than welcome!

Version 1.4 of the admin console doesn't have major changes (we have more major revisions planned for the 1.5 release next April), but I managed to squeeze some nice new features in here. See the attached screenshots to get a visual on these.

Application and Session Status Info

The admin console now displays the number of running applications and sessions along with a list of the names of the running applications. In addition, leveraging the new ApplicationRemove() function you can now unload applications from your OpenBD instance with a simple click of a button in the admin console. If you have an OnApplicationEnd() method defined in your Application.cfc this will get called as the application is unloaded.

JVM Memory Information

This was a simple little addition that uses the new SystemMemory() function, allowing you to see JVM memory stats for used memory, free memory, total memory, and max memory. Nothing fancy yet but it at least gives you an idea of what's going on with your memory.

File Cache Statistics

If you've been using OpenBD for a while you're probably familiar with the fact that the file cache hit and miss stats were not shown in the admin console. This is no longer the case. You will now see file cache statistics from the admin console, and can even drill into details about the specifc files in the cache. This leverages the new SystemFileCacheInfo() and SystemFileCacheList() functions.

Slow Query Log

This feature was added to OpenBD a whlle back, but until now you had to modify your bluedragon.xml file to enable it. There is now a checkbox in the admin console that lets you enable slow query logging and specify the number of seconds past which a query will be considered slow and be logged. You can also view the slow query log file in the admin console's log file viewer. The slow query log shows you the time when the query was run, the total execution time in milliseconds, the tag (CFQUERY or CFSTOREDPROC) that executed the query, the file and line number of the query, and the SQL code of the query. Great info to have when you're debugging or troubleshooting.

That and a few bug fixes are what made it into the 1.4 release, and as I said we have plans for a bigger overhaul for 1.5.


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