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20+ CFML Developer Positions Available - Irvine, CA, Culver City, CA, or Plano, TX

Please contact Brandon Fujii (contact info at the end of this post) for more information.


We have over 20+ openings for ColdFusion Developers. They can sit in Irvine, Culver City and Plano.

Cold Fusion Developers-Irvine, CA, Culver City, CA or Plano, TX


The Developer's main goal is to implement the application as specified within the planned timeframe. The Developer is also expected to help specify the features of physical design, estimate time and effort to complete each feature, build or supervise implementation of features, prepare product for deployment, and provide technology subject-matter expertise to the team.


  • Work with account managers to facilitate consensus in client meetings while projecting confidence, significant industry knowledge and basic facilitation skills

  • Collaborate with Tech Lead, System Architect and Business Analyst to integrate different perspectives into technical documentation

  • Demonstrate best-practice knowledge and apply skills to deliver an effective solution specific to client needs

  • Translate business and technical requirements into extensible, scalable and maintainable applications

  • Design and Implement an efficient solution that meets the functional requirements and is extensible and easily maintained

  • Extend existing or develop new code base using proven best-practice patterns and coding standards

  • Understand functional and technical specifications

  • Thoroughly unit test code for all contingencies outlined in the requirements documentation

  • Check code and communicate task status in a timely manner

  • Lead team of developers to develop unique solutions that utilize appropriate, leading-edge knowledge to help client realize business objectives


  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related field

  • 5+ years as a ColdFusion Developer; coding, designing and optimizing high-traffic, mission-critical applications

  • Cold Fusion applications in a code-managed, multi-tier object-oriented ColdFusion development environment with process-release management in place

  • 3+ years creating object-oriented ColdFusion MX applications

  • 5+ years working with Microsoft SQL Server 200X as a developer

  • Web Services, XML, JavaScript and Adobe PDF products

  • Excellent PC skills; MS Office, including Word, Excel, Outlook

This is an urgent position and we are looking to interview candidates quickly. I am actively recruiting on this critical opportunity, so if you are interested in being considered as a candidate and the opportunity to interview for this opening, please contact me as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Brandon Fujii
IT Recruiter
Kforce Technology Staffing
949 223-1417 Direct
949 660-1815 Fax


Jose Galdamez said…
Thanks for sharing these, Matt. Sounds like the CF jobs arena is still alive and kickin'.

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