Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die | Wired

Fast-forward to now: Boba Fett’s helmet emblazoned on sleeveless T-shirts worn by gym douches hefting dumbbells. The Glee kids performing the songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And Toad the Wet Sprocket, a band that took its name from a Monty Python riff, joining the permanent soundtrack of a night out at Bennigan’s. Our below-the-topsoil passions have been rudely dug up and displayed in the noonday sun. The Lord of the Rings used to be ours and only ours simply because of the sheer goddamn thickness of the books. Twenty years later, the entire cast and crew would be trooping onstage at the Oscars to collect their statuettes, and replicas of the One Ring would be sold as bling.

Absolutely brilliant analysis of the mainstreaming of geek culture and the effect of what Oswalt calls "ETEWAF" (Everything That Ever Was - Available Forever). It's kind of along the lines of my Moon Pie post ( from a few months ago, only much more eloquently and thoroughly presented, on a much larger scale.
This was a great thing to read as we move into a new year.

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