Saturday, July 9, 2011

Migrating Old Blog Posts to Posterous

Quick note to let people know I'm migrating some of my old blog posts to Posterous, so if I accidentally forget to set a couple of dates and they show up as new, resulting in any WTFs, I apologize. I'll try to keep the disruptions to a minimum.


NewBaseLLC said...

Matt, I seemed to have lost a backlink in the move. Is there anyway to get it back the old url was:

Matthew Woodward said...

Wow really sorry I didn't see this comment before--I thought Posterous was supposed to email when I get comments but I guess not.I'll look in the database from the old blog and try to point you in the right direction for that post.

Matthew Woodward said...

Looks like you were looking for the post about the OpenBD VMWare appliance--the reason I didn't move that one over is the VMWare appliance is waaaaaaaaaaaay out of date at this point. If that's something you think you'd use let me know and I can look into getting it updated, but we haven't had a lot of demand for that specifically given all the other installation methods available.Sorry again for not seeing this 4 months ago!