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Why I'll Never Buy Another Lenovo Computer

I won't bore you with all the details since they're in another post, but despite my overhwelming preference for GNU/Linux for some very specific reasons I wound up needing to get a Windows laptop last month. I didn't need anything terribly fancy and Costco had a good deal on a Lenovo G770 so I went for it.Well, ever since I got the thing it's been bluescreening and/or just shutting itself off periodically, consistently every single night and at other random times during the day.I don't think it's ever crashed while I was actually in the middle of using it, and as I mentioned in my previous post it seemed to be related to power saving activities (e.g. screen dimming, etc.). Since this isn't my primary machine it wasn't enough of a nuisance that I dropped everything to figure it out.I did some searching and troubleshooting as I had time, looked for updated drivers and BIOS, etc. and since all else failed, I figured what the heck, it's under warranty, …

Email Account Zero Achieved

In my "Email is Broken" post I outlined a game plan for getting myself out of the business of managing email. This morning I took a big first step in achieving email account zero, which is not only inbox zero but also means I don't have any email stored in folders in my email account.Going back through my old email folders was pretty eye-opening. I had thousands of messages dating back to 2006, so for the most part I took the "if you haven't looked at it since you can't remember you don't need it" approach and deleted large swaths of email with reckless abandon. I at least scanned each folder to see if anything jumped out at me but (surprise!) it was all outdated crap.I did have email folders for "Accounts," "Servers," and "Serial Numbers" that took a bit more attention since they had information in them I didn't want to lose. For those folders I looked at each email and moved the information to the following places…

Email is a Broken Communication Medium. Here's What I'm Doing About It.

I had many, many, many thoughts today on why email is a completely broken communication medium in the workplace, both in terms of its effectiveness as a communication tool and in terms of the horrendous unproductive time suck it can so easily become.For example, when there are issues with production systems high-speed, high-volume email threads between co-workers should not be the primary means of communicating. Generating a horrendous amount of noise and distraction in a crisis is pretty much the last thing you want to do, and certainly reading and replying to emails about a problem should not make up 90% of the time spent solving the problem.Furthermore, in a lot of organizations email is seen as something it's not, namely a synchronous, instantaneous medium. Email is not IM. Email isn't a ringing phone that someone has to answer right away. We need to stop thinking of it that way.Sure, email is delivered more or less instantly, but the habit that I (and I'm sure others)…

Solution for Windows 7 "The Computer Has Rebooted From a Bugcheck" Error

I'm not proud of it but over Christmas I bought a Lenovo G770 laptop running Windows 7 (Home Premium 64-bit specifically). It's a really nice machine for the money, particularly given the deal I got on it through Costco.The main reason for me getting a Windows machine--OK, call it an excuse if you will--is because I needed a machine to run Pro Tools and Adobe Audition for both voiceover work as well as some volunteer production work I hope to be doing for KBCS before too long. Yes, unfortunately when you get into needing to run specific software like that there's some things that unfortunately don't run on Linux. This also opens the door to doing some live shows on CodeBass this year using SAM Broadcaster or maybe just take some of the load off Vicky by uploading my own damn show for a change!Anyway, lately the machine's been shutting down when I'm not looking, so I took the time to dig into the Event Viewer today and saw the error "The computer has reboot…

Serious Snow in Seattle

It just keeps coming ...

Testing Posting From Blogger to Google+

Another test post to see if posting directly from Blogger can be shared on Google+. Having Posterous autopost to Blogger didn't seem to do the trick.

Here's another cute picture of Angel for testing purposes. And because she's so gosh darn cute.

Testing Posting From Posterous -> Blogger -> Google+

Forgive the test post, just seeing if I can post in Posterous and have that go to Blogger which in turn shows up on Google+. Sticking picture of Angel in here to see where pictures wind up as well. Dawww isn't she cute?

webOS 3.0.5 86 Available

If you go to System Updates on your TouchPad you should see webOS 3.0.5 86 listed. You can either wait for it to auto-download when the device is idle, or you can click the Download Now button. (Like anyone's NOT going to click download now!)
As outlined in a previous post the 3.0.4 update never did show up for me so if you're having issues you can use webOS Doctor and update that way. If you're interested in following all the work that's being done on webOS as they make the transition to open source be sure and follow @webosinternals on Twitter.

Installing Packages for Sublime Text 2 on Linux

I decided to give Sublime Text 2 a try on the next sprint on my current project. I've heard a lot of great things about it and have been impressed in the bit of messing around I've done thus far, and as I've said before although CFEclipse rocks for CFML development after using it for years and years Eclipse is just starting to feel like a lot more than I need. Eclipse is great for the Groovy and Java work that I do but for CFML I've been looking for something more lightweight, because for CFML work I tend to use Eclipse as a pretty basic editor and file navigator. Like most programmers I also tend to get bored and simply want to try new things once in a while.
I used emacs on the last round of updates to the OpenBD admin console. I really, really like emacs but you're stuck with using the HTML syntax highlighting and code formatting since there's no CFML plugin for emacs (that I could find anyway), so it falls over pretty hard if you try to do too much CFSCRIP…

Pro Tools LE 8.0.5 and Buffer Underrun Error (-6085) on Windows 7

Quick tip for an error that seems to plague a lot of Pro Tools users. I recently installed Pro Tools 8.0.5 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and was constantly getting the dreaded "H/W Buffer Underrun" error (-6085). I only ever record a voiceover track in Pro Tools (occasionally with a music bed in another track), but even with a small session such as that it would happen consistently, sometimes after only a few seconds, but at best I'd get 5 minutes of recording time before it would throw the error. It would also throw the error when bouncing a mix to MP3, and the length of the bounce didn't seem to matter much. To try and fix this I tried (almost) everything listed in Avid's Windows 7 Optimization Guide to no avail, and also scoured the far reaches of the interwebs looking for a solution with no luck, so I finally ponied up the $39 for a support ticket and gave them a call. (As an aside, Avid's support is top-notch. I was on hold for a while but once it wa…