Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Solution for Windows 7 "The Computer Has Rebooted From a Bugcheck" Error

I'm not proud of it but over Christmas I bought a Lenovo G770 laptop running Windows 7 (Home Premium 64-bit specifically). It's a really nice machine for the money, particularly given the deal I got on it through Costco.

The main reason for me getting a Windows machine--OK, call it an excuse if you will--is because I needed a machine to run Pro Tools and Adobe Audition for both voiceover work as well as some volunteer production work I hope to be doing for KBCS before too long. Yes, unfortunately when you get into needing to run specific software like that there's some things that unfortunately don't run on Linux. This also opens the door to doing some live shows on CodeBass this year using SAM Broadcaster or maybe just take some of the load off Vicky by uploading my own damn show for a change!

Anyway, lately the machine's been shutting down when I'm not looking, so I took the time to dig into the Event Viewer today and saw the error "The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck" along with the location of a memory dump file. Also occasionally when the screen shuts off I'll hear the fan go nuts and it won't respond to keyboard or mouse input, requiring a hard reboot to get it to come back.

I was concerned maybe it's a hardware issue of some sort but I found a solution that seems to be working thus far, though the real test will be if it makes it through the night tonight without dying. I found a lot of posts about this that were unrelated to anything that would be happening on my machine (many of which basically said "uninstall Zone Alarm" which I don't have installed), but one I came across sounded plausible since the error seems to occur when it's doing something related to power saving.

This isn't the exact error I was getting but what's described here has thus far done the trick since it tends to happen at least once during the day as well:

  1. Run a command prompt as administrator
  2. Type "powercfg -h on" without the quotes and hit enter

I then rebooted just to be safe (it's Windows, after all).

What that does is manually re-enable hibernate mode, and apparently even if you don't use it (which I don't) it fixes the issue.

As I said the real test will be if it makes it through the night without dying since it always happens overnight, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

Windows 7 and problems like this sure make me appreciate Linux.


pc speed said...

Enjoyed studying this, very good stuff, thank you a lot.

Tubby Powah said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH MAN!i had this issue for like 2 months!

Tubby Powah said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH MAN!i had this issue for like 2 months!

Dan Macarandang said...

If you come by to the Philippines, I'll gladly buy you a beer! Thank you very much!


timegatetechnologies said...

Wow if you come to South Africa you'll get a beer from me too! Seems like an issue with Lenovo laptops. Had this on my Thinkpad for over a year now!