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Google Cloud Print

One of my many first world problems stems from the fact that I have both Comcast/Xfinity and Verizon Frontier FiOS for Internet in my house. I use Comcast for all my home/entertainment junk and Frontier for work.
This is all well and good until I have to print to my network printer from my work machine, because the network printer is on the Comcast side, not to mention that I wouldn't be able to hit it while I'm on the VPN for work anyway, and I print so infrequently that it's definitely not worth having two printers. (I told you this was a first world problem.)
Luckily there's a solution for this: Google Cloud Print. Google Cloud Print lets you register any printer and it then can be printed to from anywhere. If you don't have a cloud-ready printer (which I don't) you can follow these instructions to register any printer.
Note that this does not allow you to print from any application to this printer. You have to be printing something from Google Chrome specif…

Setting Default umask for SFTP on Ubuntu Server

Much as described in this blog post by Jeff Robbins, I have a situation where two sftp users in the same group are both uploading files to an Ubuntu 10.04 server using Dreamweaver. The issue is that by default the permissions are 755, so even though both users are in the same group, only the file owner has write permissions. Since the users need to be able to overwrite each other's files I needed a way to have the default permissions be 775.
What is outlined in the blog post above is exactly what I was after, but for some reason on Ubuntu server if you use what is the final edit in that post:
Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server -u 0002
That results in "Connection closed" messages when you try to log in. The solution above that one works, just note the minor modification of pointing to /usr/lib/... instead of /usr/libexec/...
Subsystem sftp /bin/sh-c ‘umask 0002; /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server’
Restart ssh and you should be in business.
Thanks to Jeff for that very he…

How to Move Your Posterous Blog to WordPress or Blogger

This may be premature since the fate of Posterous is still unclear after being bought by Twitter, but I decided given the uncertainty and since moving to Blogger was something I had been considering for a while anyway this was a good time to move everything off of Posterous.

I really do like Posterous and I think they do a lot of things about 1000 times better than any other blogging service. But if nothing else this points out yet again the fact that if you use a service of any kind you're at the mercy of that service or any company who may buy that service, so there's a lot to be said for controlling your own stuff.

As you may have read in the announcement to which I linked above Posterous is saying they'll provide tools to export your content to other services in the coming weeks, but not being one to wait around and see what happens I decided to get a jump on things and move some things to WordPress, and some others to Blogger, so I thought I'd share how I went abo…

CouchDB Resources List

The Definitive Guide to CouchDB Authentication and Security

With a bold title like that I suppose I should clarify a bit. I finally got frustrated enough with all the disparate and seemingly incomplete information on this topic to want to gather everything I know about this topic into a single place, both so I have it for my own reference but also in the hopes that it will help others.Since CouchDB is just an HTTP resource and can be secured at that level along the same lines as you'd secure any HTTP resource, I should also point out that I will not be covering things like putting a proxy in front of CouchDB, using SSL with CouchDB, or anything along those lines. This post is strictly limited to how authentication and security work within CouchDB itself.CouchDB security is powerful and granular but frankly it's also a bit quirky and counterintuitive. What I'm outlining here is my understanding of all of this after taking several runs at it, reading everything I could find on the Internet (yes, the whole Internet!), and a great deal…

A Reminder of the Power of CFML Custom Tags

Yeah, they've been around forever, and many people forgot all about custom tags when that whole CFC thing came about, but I still absolutely love custom tags and think they are incredibly useful in the view layer of an application.I was reminded of this today while working on Enlist, which is an open source application for managing volunteers and events. It was again the focus on the hackfest at OpenCF Summit this year and we're pushing towards a 1.0 release before long.One of the things that was added to the application at OpenCF Summit this year was DataTables, which is a really slick jQuery plugin that adds sorting, searching, and paging to HTML tables, and with their latest update it works fantastically well with Twitter Bootstrap.I'm sure many of you are already familiar with DataTables but for those of you who aren't, the way it works is you simply add a little JavaScript at the top of a page containing a table to which you want to add the DataTables functionalit…

SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME and MoCA

Quick tip if you're trying to get a networked TV tuner like the SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME working on the same jack with a MoCA box -- short answer for the impatient among you is you're going to need a diplexer. You can get something like this one which splits the signal into 5-860MHz and 950-2150MHz ranges, or something like this basic satellite/antenna diplexer from Radio Shack.Plug the coax from the wall into the input of the diplexer, and send the lower range (which is labeled VHF on the basic diplexers) to the HomeRun and the higher range (which is labeled VHF on the basic diplexers) to the MoCA box and everything should work. Without this, when I was going wall -> MoCA box and MoCA box -> HomeRun, networking worked fine for me but there was no cable signal being sent to the HomeRun.So longer explanation for those of you who follow my home networking trials and tribulations, with the threat of Moxi going away (though this has been put on hold indefinitely) I decide…