Saturday, July 14, 2012

TeraCopy: Unbelievably Great Windows File Copy Replacement

I don't use Windows often but when I do, one of my major complaints is how absolutely abysmal the file copying process is, particularly when copying a large number of files, and especially when network resources are involved.

I suppose given how much it annoys me I should have looked into it sooner, but I was looking at the 2012 Lifehacker Pack for Windows which is a list of "must have" applications and utilities for Windows (they have lists for Linux, Android, and that fruit-related company's junk as well), and one of the items in the Windows list is a utility called TeraCopy.

In short, if you ever have to use Windows go download TeraCopy right now. It replaces the native and horrendously crappy Windows file copy process, but it works so much faster and better it quite literally put a huge grin on my face (and I never smile while using Windows).

Not only is it lightning fast, but it lets you pause and resume copy operations and -- GET THIS -- logs all the copy operations that fail. This is fantastic because the native Windows copy process often chokes for no reason (or at least it doesn't share the reason) and you have no way of knowing where it failed or what got copied and what didn't, so you basically have to start over.

Enough gushing, just go grab TeraCopy right now and dramatically improve the Windows file copying part of your life.

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