Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prerequisites for CFML on Tomcat Deep Dive at cf.Objective()

I just added the prerequisites for the Tomcat Deep Dive I'm doing at cf.Objective() this year to the session description page, but figured I'd summarize here as well in case people don't notice it over there.

This is designed as a "bring your own laptop" session and we'll actually be installing and configuring Tomcat, multiple CFML engines, and web server connectivity in the session, but it would be VERY helpful if you grab all the downloads ahead of time since the wireless can be sketchy at conferences. Also some of the downloads are large and that will not only eat up bandwidth but many hotels cut off downloads after they hit a certain size.

So here's the short list:

  • Java. Not just the stuff that ships with ColdFusion if you already have that installed, but a plain old JDK. (Don't worry, it won't conflict with anything ColdFusion-specific you already have installed.) Java 7 should work but to be safe grab the latest Java 6 (which at the moment is 1.6.0_32).
  • Apache Tomcat version 7. Grab the .tar.gz for GNU/Linux or OS X, or the appropriate .zip for Windows. I'd say don't grab the service installer for Windows for these purposes, but if you want to install Tomcat as a service on your machine that's fine too.
  • OpenBD. Grab the "J2EE Standard WAR" (any version)
  • Railo. Grab the "Railo Custom - WAR Archive" (any version)
  • ColdFusion. Anything version 8 or above will work (probably even older versions), including the CF 10 Beta, but main point here is you need the actual ColdFusion installer. So if you have ColdFusion installed on your machine already and don't have the installer, that won't work. To use ColdFusion in this context you'll be running the installer and generating a WAR file (and feel free to generate the WAR file ahead of time if you already know how to do this).
  • Apache Web Server, or if you're on Windows with IIS 7 we'll go over that as well. I won't be discussing IIS 6, both because it's horrendously more painful than 7 and also because it's ancient. Note that Apache runs on any platform so even if you're on Windows, or if you're on Windows with IIS 6, grab Apache.
Hope to see you there! It's going to be a lot of fun. Well, geek fun anyway.