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Python 3 + Oracle on Ubuntu Server 14.04

I'll invite my readers to check my previous post on this topic to get a sense of how I feel about Oracle.

Small updates it seems to get cx_Oracle working with Python 3 on Ubuntu 14.04. Assume sudo/root for all the following.

Download the RPM versions of both the basic and SDK clients for from If you're not familiar with the idiotic hell that is Oracle downloads, you have to do this on a browser where you can click a radio button and THEN download, so wget from the server on wish you actually want to install this stuff is unfortunately a no go.The 12.x version of this stuff still doesn't work with cx_Oracle. At least not for me.scp the rpm files to the target serverssh to the target serverapt-get install libaio1 alienFor both the RPMs:
alien -d RPM_FILE_NAMEFor both the newly created Debian packages:
dpkg -i DEBIAN_PACKAGE_NAMEtouch /etc/ "/usr/lib/oracle/11.2/cl…