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Year-End Contribution Summary Letters in CiviCRM

Wow. It's been a year and a half since I've written any blog posts so I guess it's about time.

General catchup: slightly new job at the US Senate Sergeant at Arms with slightly different responsibilities, and I'm still doing and loving Python, Django, and Postgres.

On the volunteer work front, I've been doing quite a lot with CiviCRM over the past year and I'm really enjoying it. The application itself is great and the community is friendly, helpful, and all-around fabulous. It's everything an open source project should be.

In the spirit of giving back, I figured now that I have a decent handle on a thing or two I'd start sharing a bit of what I'm learning and doing with CiviCRM.

For this installment, I'll cover how to do year-end contribution summary letters, which is relatively simple but there's a couple of wrinkles I thought might help others, or if nothing else will help me next year when I have to do this again.
The Task One organizati…